Nursing Documentation 101: Documentation Attitude Checklist page 1
Documentation Attitude Checklist   Do I understand my legal and professional role in accurate documentation?   Am I able to identify the purposes of accurate documentation?   What is my perception of striving for accuracy in documentation?   Do I recognize documentation challenges and am I able to minimize or overcome these?   Am I able to explain the College and employer role in accurate documentation?   How does accurate documentation correspond with the nursing process?   Do I provide input to employing facility or agency and my College on documentation issues?   Do I regularly review employing facility and agency’s policies and procedures, College competencies, practice statements, standards of practice, and laws that relate to accurate documentation?   Do I attend in-services or take courses to improve my documentation skills?   Do I know the consequences of inadequate or inappropriate documentation?   Am I a champion for accurate documentation, not just “good’ charting?   Do I assist nursing students or colleagues to improve their
documentation skills?